Glass Ceilings are an Indie Pop band from Birmingham. Their 'infectious melodies and tight vocals' paired with their ability to 'project emotion into their music without sacrificing originality' has got them recognised as one of the top 20 West Midlands bands destined for success in 2020. At the start of 2019, the band had less than 100 streams and barely 400 social media followers, and they now have more than 13,000 streams across the board and over 1,000 followers on one social platform alone. From supporting bands such as The Clause, to playing their own sold out shows and headline tour, the band are really building their live act and on stage personalities, getting them noticed by one blogger who stated - 'The band are wonderfully professional on stage with not a foot or note wrong and I thoroughly enjoyed their set'. Glass Ceilings are going from strength to strength and constantly progressing, as proved by their latest single 'I Don't Mind'.


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